Shanghai's Bund to go dark as China heatwave prompts power cuts

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Shanghai city authorities say that the Bund's decorative lights will be switched off two days from today to conserve power. - AFP pic, August 22, 2022.

SHANGHAI will switch off decorative lights along its famed Bund riverfront for two days from today as a nationwide heatwave sends power demands soaring, city authorities said.




Multiple provinces have announced power cuts to cope with a surge in demand, driven partly by people cranking up the air conditioning to cope with temperatures as high as 45 ℃.


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  • 2022-09-11 00:08:41

    As well as devastating the individual prospects of countless children, the extended hiatus is threatening to leave long-term scars on an economy historically reliant on sending high-skilled workers abroad.还可以,之前看了一些