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Umno secretary-general Ahmad Maslan says the ROS requested additional documents from the party, which he says means more time is needed to make a decision. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, July 17, 2022.

UMNO secretary-general Ahmad Maslan has said the Registrar of Societies (ROS) is not to blame as the party waits for approval on its application to amend its constitution.

He said similarly his party also hoped that Barisan Nasional (BN) will not be blamed for pressing the ROS for an answer.

“Don’t point fingers and blame the ROS for not listening to BN or anything like that. We’ll give more time to RoS… another week or two,” he said in Bangi, today.

According to the Pontian MP, the party should give the ROS more time to make a decision.




“As the ROS has requested eight additional types of documents, it means additional time is needed to provide feedback,” he said.

Umno had previously applied for an amendment to enable it to postpone its leadership elections until six months after the next general election.

The notice of constitutional amendment was submitted to the ROS on May 17.

On July 7, the ROS said it would make a decision no later than July 16. – Bernama, July 17, 2022.


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