trc20转换erc20( mulling bid for him to contest Tambun parliamentary seat in GE15

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PKR president Anwar Ibrahim says he has not decided whether to contest the Tambun parliamentary seat in the next general election. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, August 11, 2022.

PKR president Anwar Ibrahim is considering the proposal for him to contest the Tambun parliamentary seat in the upcoming general election. 

The Port Dickson MP said the proposal had been made to him, but he has not decided yet as the party’s focus now is on the number of seats to be contested and its election machinery.

“What do you think? If you say I can, I will think about it. That is a suggestion that I am considering.


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“The PKR Tambun branch has suggested this but I have not decided on it, and my friends in Port Dickson are appealing for me to remain there. I have to think about this first,” he said at a news conference after the Perak PKR leadership council meeting in Ipoh today.

It was previously reported that Tambun PKR chief Muhamad Arafat Varisai Mahamad wanted to make way for Anwar to contest the Tambun parliamentary seat in GE15, which was agreed upon by the party grassroots at the branch’s annual general meeting. On seat allocation and candidates for Perak PKR for the elections, Anwar said this would be discussed at the party’s presidential council meeting. 

Earlier, he said that today’s meeting included an agreement to appoint Tanjung Malim MP and PKR vice-president Chang Lih Kang as Perak PKR leadership council chairman for the 2022-2025 term. – Bernama, August 11, 2022.


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